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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 14, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> developing now on "action news," gunfire kills one teenager and sends two others or one victim to a strangers doorstep for help. >> developing in delaware, fire brings back painful memories of a tragic holiday loss this time last year. the delaware is under a dense fog advisory, we have team coverage with accuweather and mobile 6 as we track the trouble spots. >> good morning, 5:30,
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december 14, karen is off and 0 katherine scott is in mobile 6 and we go over to david murphy and matt pellman. >> reporter: good morning, everybody we're off to a cloudy start, the big issue is the cloud cover down at ground level. we have a dense fog alert until 10:00 p.m. we're down to a tenth of a mile in philadelphia. one-third in wilmington. lancaster has dropped. under a mile in reading. the worst areas appear to be the areas highlighted in darker shades of gray that go all the way from toms river, trenton, delaware county, new castle county and chester county and parts of montgomery county seeing the thicker fog. it's mild with temperatures in the mid 50s.
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allentown, 53. 56 in millville. 54 in sea isle city. as we look at the backup, 5 degrees -- the bus stop, 55 degrees by 8:00 a.m. the patchy dense fog will make it hard to see the kids on the streets as they cross, the kids have to be careful as they cross the streets to make sure the drivers are seeing them. the temperatures we'll get mild 69 degrees at 3:00 p.m. if we hit that that will tie a record, what's new we set a new record of 71, matt pellman. there's rain coming, so a lot of stuff going on in weather and future tracker 6. >> reporter: good morning, david, we have 200 traffic cameras and we're fog in a large majority of them. including i-95 tinicum township, we're seeing southbound
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accident. they have all southbound traffic stopped coming away from philadelphia international coming away from the blue route, no southbound traffic is being let by 476 at the moment. you want to use 1, baltimore pike, 291 as alternates. we have construction on the turnpike approaching morgantown and now we have an eastbound accident past downingtown. people are injured in that accident as well. traffic can squeeze by. in telford there's a wreck along allentown and bart road, county line would be better a bet. one live look outside in camden, the ben franklin bridge toll plaza speed wree instructions are -- restrictions are up because of the area fog on monday morning. >> let's go outside to mobile 6. katherine scott is checking the conditions for us, katherine as
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i came in the fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife. what is it like now? >> very, very thick fog, we just got off i-95 south and it 7 and you can see that it's still very foggy out here on the roads. visibility does vary depending on where you are, you can see the visibility here is a quarter mile or less at times. it is early so we don't have too much company on the roads this morning. but that's going to change very soon, so keep it slow on the roads. people are starting to get moving, we're seeing joggers on the roads, kids heading to the bus stop. watch your speeds when you head out this morning because the fog is very thick in areas. when we're not talking about driving conditions. i want to talk about the fatal crash i-95 south in tinicum
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township. we left that scene. when we left all the southbound closed at the site of the accident. earlier on, the left lane was getting by, the two right lanes were closed. we'll keep an eye on that. in that accident one man died. two vehicles involved, one vehicle flipped over and flipped off the roadway. it's sitting upside in the marsh nearby. the driver of the other vehicle remained on the scene. his car showed some damage to the side of that golf. authorities are on the scene, state police are investigating. they are not releasing the circumstances saying whether it is related to the thick fog or the weather outside. the crash is under investigation. if you take a look back out here live you can see it's very foggy as we are driving along the road
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be careful wherever you are there's a dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. >> we're following a developing story, a double shooting in west philadelphia left a teenager dead and two others wounded. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live outside police headquarters to update the story, annie. >> reporter: matt, that's right one teenager is dead another in critical condition at the hospital after losing a lot of blood. we found in the past hour a third person suffered a graze wound. take a look at the video. it happened after 10:30 in the 500 block of north 911 calls came in of shots fired. one was shot in the head, the other at the hospital is expected to survive after he lost a lot of blood. a third person did suffer a
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graze wound. shell casings were found on the street. some vehicles were hit. police know who guns were used. it is not clear what the motive was or who opened fire. the 17-year-old victim found -- who was pronounced dead at the hospital, collapsed on the street close to the blirveg -- ballistic evidence we believe he was an intended target and he was close to where the weapons were fired. >> reporter: and police also say that 17-year-old in the hospital in critical condition frantically went door to door around the neighborhood to try to seek shelter. somebody let him in, complete strangers. police are interviewing a number of witnesses until they figure out what happened, if you have
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any information contact 911. >> fire damaged the rental office at the harbor house apartments, the second fire the claymont complex has seen since last year. firefighters arrived at 2:00 a.m. and knocked down the blaze. the building had to be evacuated no injuries were reported dislnch the fire at the same complex last year was much worse and authorities say it was intentionally set. that left a woman dead and dozens of residents homeless four days before christmas. pennsylvania man was charge with arson and murder. he set the fire in his mother's apartment she was killed. more news from delaware, state police arrested a man for a deadly double stabbing in smyrna. 66-year-old gilbert rochester tried to run from the scene of the stabbing. police found him hiding in the woods holding a knife. he is accused of stabbing to
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death his estranged wife and her 80-year-old mother. testimony is expected to continue in the trial of a woman accused of being part of a group assault on a gay couple. a witness testified that knott threw punches, two men pled guilty in the case. chris christie will be back on the main stage for the presidential republican debate. a low showing in the poll bumped christy to the under card, but he is back. he will be on the stage with donald trump, john kasich, ben carson, jeb bush and rand paul. ted cruz has a commanding
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lead over donald trump by ten points. bernie sanders held a meeting in iowa. he said his goal is to get young people jobs and keep them out of jail. >> to time to turn to accuwea. i want to a christmas party, everybody was at the fire, saying it's too hot. this morning we're dealing with fog and this afternoon we'll have rain. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are dry for now, as we look outside, or try to we have plenty of fog, this is center city looking at i-95. most mornings we show you the traffic and the road conditions, but you can't see it from the 20th or 0th floor this morning. because the fog is so thick. dewpoint is close to the temperature, an indication how
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moist the air is, the winds are light, we need that to get rid of the fog. visibilities through the center portion of the region are at their worse. in philadelphia we have.1 which is very slow. in wilmington, the number is zero. it's at a third of a mile, anywhere where you see the darker shades of gray. bucks, chester county, northern new castle delaware, and northern camden and gloucester counties is where the fog is at its worse. future tracker 6 shows you once the fog breaks up after 10:00 p.m. we wind up with mostly cloudy skies and in the evening showers and thunderstorms come in from the west. this axe will be on and off all the way up until 11:00 p.m. and past midnight. by tomorrow morning we'll be
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looking at a couple of lingering sprinkles and showers. mild today, 69 degrees is the high, if we hit that it will tie the record high for this date. no surprise there as we've been in and out of record territory for the last five days. 68 in wilmington, 65 in cape may. these are the highs and many of these are record-tieing highs. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows high today of 69 degrees in philadelphia. dense fog until 10:00 a.m. and rain arriving later today and tonight. tomorrow, 63 still above average, 57 on wednesday, 60 on thursday, the sun returns on friday after thursday rain high of 54. check out the weekend. i know you're looking at the mid 40s, saying that's chilly. that's around average. the folks who were complaining last weekend won't be
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complaining this weekend. >> they will be in their coats and thankful for the fire. two mosques at west were vandalized in the wake of the san bernadino shooting. >> wild weather spawns not one tornado but two over the weekend. >> reporter: i-95 southbound nobody is moving because of a serious accident up ahead in delaware county. we'll tell you how to get around the mess after the break. >> taylor swift is paychecking big moves on her 26th birthday, details a little bit later.
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>> can't see much from the sky6 live hd cameras including this one, we'll put a part of building on there to make it looking like you're seeing anything. it's getting up to 69 degrees, look out for rain later. >> it's the kind of morning when you're driving you don't see the lights until you come up on them, we have to urge give yourself time and space. >> reporter: when you have accidents and construction crews things like that when they are in your way and you can't see them until you are upon them. we have a fatal accident on i-95 southbound side tinicum township, delaware county approaching 420. emergency crews are out here and no traffic is getting by which is creating a complete
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standstill south of philadelphia international airport. as we pull in the commuter report sitting along i-95 snapped a picture, everybody is parked, it's kind of a mess. you want to take alternates to i-95 southbound use 13 which is chester pike stay on baltimore pike or 291 all options to get around the i-95 closure in delaware county. now, let's get out to the burbs, this morning with the suburban traffic report we're watching issues on the pennsylvania turnpike. we've been talking about construction approaching morgantown and there's a crash on the eastbound side past downingtown. in telford, allentown road is shut down because of the crash i mentioned a few minutes ago. county line road is the way to get around that. there's a crash to avoid in north wales, lower state road in abington by performance car sales. no problems on that chunk of the
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turnpike passing willow grove. the crash near franklinville, 55 southbound at harding highway cleared out. new jersey turnpike, 45-mile an hour is the max through most of south jersey. tam. >> new this morning, the fbi is investigating vandalism at two mosques in southern california. both properties were spray painted saturday night and a bomb squad was called to check out a hand grenade in one driveway. it was a plastic replica. closing arguments are continuing today in the trial of a baltimore police officer who failed to buckle in freddie gray. he did tell the supervisor that gray wanted to go to the hospital. porter is one of of the police officers facing criminal charges in gray's death. three confirmed tornados
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touched down in texas. an ef2 hit 50 homes there. strong winds caused a train derailment no injuries were reported, we'll be right back.
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announced that apple music will exclusive debut and stream 1989 world tour movie on december 20. swift celebrated her 26th birthday yesterday. >> everybody screaming at her. how do you do that? >> she is thinking about all the money ringing up.
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>> reporter: drivers won't like the morning commute. we have an accident in hatfield montgomery county main street at broad street. one in north wales lower state road at lime kiln pike. that doesn't look too bad, but look at the tail lights parked on the southbound side of i-95 approaching 420 you're hitting a wall of traffic. use 13 chester pike or baltimore pike we'll have more with the report from katherine scott, david in just a few minutes. >> reporter: the fog is not thick everywhere, but where it is, it is thick. that's in the i-95 corridor. if you're dressing the kids dress them lightly. 53 degrees in pottstown. 51 in quakertown and 51 in slatington. 54 in center city. on the other side of the river,
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a lot of 50s in south jersey and up and down the state of delaware, almost 60 in dover. if you're running errands today it's going to be mild, 67 degrees by 2:00. 69 is the record tieing high at 3:00 p.m. we'll get rain but not until after 5:00 p.m. you can get the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker 6 live at >> the hustle and bustle came to a hat in south dakota. a 16-year-old drove an suv through the store front saturday. nobody was seriously hurt. the store reopened the next day. police do not know why the teen lost control. it is unclear if he will face charges. >> not only are people stealing packages from doorsteps, but some chris are targeting delivery drivers. police in milwaukee are turning to surveillance tape to make
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arrests. a suspect took off in the delivery truck and surveillance cameras show him stopping a few blocks away. another car pulls up and two men unload the packages. another surveillance captures a robber carjacking a postal worker two days before, it was empty of all the mail and pack knowledges that were inside. it is not clear if the events are related we'll be right back. ♪ catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue
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>> a city in the lehigh valley honored their neighbor son boxing great larry holmes. the 66-year-old was there as they dedicate the easton assassin. it shows him throwing his classic left jab. holmes was the heavyweight champion from 78 to 85. defense the title xx times which is second to joe lewis. >> i think it looks good, i look very young, i wish i could still fight like that. he never left easton and stills lives there with his wife of 36 years. >> for the first time a at terrible anniversary falls on a school day in sandy hook.
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>> good morning, 6:00 a.m., monday, december 14, we're following several developing stories. gunfire erupts in west philadelphia leaving a teenager dead and two others wounded. we're live with the overnight details. >> fly eagles fly, the eagles win and ruffle feathers of lesean mccoy. >> the morning commute will be a slow and foggy one, accuweather is tracking conditions along with mobile 6. >> let's go over to david and matt with weather and traffic


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